The new replacement building for the Borneo Abenteuerlodges on two floors is located directly beside an original Orang-Ulu longhouse. Inspired from this traditional building typology the new built 2-storey interpretation sits on 5 m high posts, has 4 lodges for a maximum of 24 guests.

The theme “Traditional Borneo” shows up in many aspects of the design. Bamboo is the building material for furniture, railings, window shutters as well as a source of inspiration for the tiling layout of the bathrooms. The “Tree of life” motive of the Orang-Ulu can be found in multiple variations in spaces inside as well as outside.

2016 | new build | 200 m2 | LP 1-9 | Interior Design | light planning | 3d visualisation

Features: integration of new build in existing context | solid structure on stilts | adaption of materials to tropical climate | painted wooden facade as optical illusion | construction works during business hours

© 2019 Teil11 | Das Büro für Architektur & Design

© 2019 Teil11 | Das Büro für Architektur & Design